Consulting and Training

Be memorable.

With the heightened need for immediate, reliable, high-quality video content on multiple platforms, our skills and training techniques will help your television station or business become a leader in quality journalism and storytelling.  We have taught thousands of journalists from news organizations around the world.  


It was the most excited I’ve seen our staff in a really long time.  I’m glad our company now understands the concept of storytelling.          – News Director

We work closely with every client to create a unique training curriculum for their staff.  Whether it’s technical camera or editing training, how to produce quality work under deadline, or creating memorable content for the web, we will be your partner in determining the best training program for you.  Multimedia Journalist training doesn’t end in the classroom.  We will help your staff learn how not to miss the exceptional, “difference-making” moments they experience on a daily basis, and work with managers and producers to motivate and bring out excellence in your business.


It re-invigorated my love for storytelling.  Now I have hope, and I think we can really do it, and do it well – on whatever platform the future holds.       – Workshop Attendee

Our curriculum allows students to learn in-depth and innovative storytelling techniques in a collaborative learning environment.

Seminar topics include:

  • Writing and Storytelling
  • Videography Techniques and Visual Storytelling
  • One-man-band Training
  • Creating Powerful Content for the Web
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Power Editing
  • Team building exercises
  • Newsroom and Management Consulting